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The Human Being in Four Dimensions

The Human Being in Four Dimensions

Since 1997 Sas has provided its services primarily for adults who have undergone trauma and suffer from symptoms such as: Constant or recurrent anxiety; irrational fears; burnout; difficulty relating to people; multiple personality; aggressiveness and hostility; mood swings and so on.

It is often said that a human being is made up of a body, a soul and a spirit. A human also has intelligence and the ability to reason. This fourth part can be included with the soul. To be more precise, we will examine two aspects of this: the conscious and the sub/unconscious.

  1. The body – the physique – our corporeal abode.
  2. The spirit – the spiritual side of life which connects us to the search for meaning.
  3. The soul – that is the psyche, the heart, the seat of our emotions.
  4. The intellect – our “hard drive”, our ability to digest and express the content of our thoughts.

Let’s get down to the truth

I can’t seem to relate to people – What’s worse, I realised that they also find it difficult to relate to me! It is as if I were shut up inside a glass jar.


This is how a woman who came to see us explained her problem.

Getting out of the glass jar is possible!

Getting back your enjoyment of life, getting out of paralysing stress and fear – this is how to find your well-being in total liberty.

Yes, you can be free!

The heart is at the very centre of our identity and emotions. Our ability to relate well to people, to love but also to hate...the soul is the profound part of our personality. These sorrows which trouble you:

For example, someone who is afraid often frightens other people; a person who hurts inside themselves will hurt others; someone who fears being abandoned will often end up abandoning others and so on. These ways of relating which are based on force, can be widely observed in current western societies. We use these ways of relating to people to avoid being dominated by others.

The Origin of Stress is Fear

Stress which ordinarily is necessary for survival becomes pathological when it takes over normal everyday life; and this invasion of everyday life can certainly occur.

At SAS what we are concerned with is not mere survival, but LIFE.



Sas is a private/non governmental non-profit charitable organisation.The registered office is in Marin near Neuchâtel in Switzerland. SAS’s mission is to bring freedom of the soul and spirit through a particular curriculum of therapy, based on Biblical values.  Conferences and training courses in Switzerland, Europe and Africa are also offered by SAS.

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